Video: Blending Trends With Kaleidoscope Living Foods

As specialty food producers continue to embrace health-conscious trends that are sweeping the nation, the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show featured a surge in exhibitors whose products are positioned as both indulgent in flavor and nutrient dense.

Kaleidoscope Living Foods was one of those exhibitors, having showcased its bone broth-infused kale chips. The snacks align two trending ingredients, each gradually making their way into mainstream consciousness.

Founder & “Kale Whisperer” Alexandra Hudson launched Kaleidoscope in 2013 and sold the chips at local farmers’ markets. Hudson recently moved to the Bay Area to join La Cocina, a food incubator that focuses on primarily on businesses owned by women, communities of color and immigrants.

In a video interview with Project NOSH correspondent Jeff Klineman, Hudson detailed her journey from formulation to her experience as an entrepreneur and her plans to “naturally” grow the business. She also discusses the company’s growth trajectory and what she hopes to see evolve in the food industry.

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