Chobani Explores The Savory Side of Yogurt with Meze Dips

Carol Ortenberg

IMG_0106Over the past years, yogurt brands have tried to expand the dayparts where yogurt is consumed and shift the category from being seen as just as a breakfast option to that of a snack. Chobani, one of the pioneers of greek yogurt, first put its toe in these waters with their Flip and Mighty Oats options (the former has included spicy and savory options). Now the brand is reaching even further with the launch of a line of savory “Meze Dips” — which function either a dip replacement on crackers, chips or veggies or as a spread. As the new line kicked off, Project NOSH visited the brand’s “Chobani Home” in New York and interviewed Michael Gonda, VP of Corporate Communications at Chobani, about the brand extension. Click through to view photos of the home and read more.

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