Longève Introduces New Flavor Varieties of Plant-Based Protein Crumbles: Zesty Taco and Masala Curry

LOS ANGELES Plant-based protein brand Longève has introduced new flavors to their popular line of Plant-Based Protein Crumbles: Zesty Taco and Masala Curry. The perfect way to add more veggies to your plate, Longève foods make plant-based eating delicious, satisfying, and easy for everyone to enjoy. Unlike other heavily-processed meat alternatives, Longève’s Zesty Taco and Masala Curry Plant-Based Protein Crumbles are made from 100% pea protein, and deliver 20 grams of protein per serving. They are shelf stable, gluten free, and made without pesticides, GMOs, preservatives, or additives.

Now it’s easy to add plant-based protein to tacos, fajitas, nachos, or curries, and you don’t even need to worry about spices and seasonings!

Just like the company’s Unseasoned Plant-Based Protein Crumbles, the Zesty Taco and Masala Curry varieties replicate the texture of ground meat, and are easily reconstituted in hot water in just five minutes, so you can skip the dicing and other time-consuming requirements that often go into plant-based cooking. But whereas the unseasoned version takes on the taste of whatever sauce or seasoning it is used in, the new varieties come with the spices already included, thereby cutting down on seasoning time and costs, and offering an even speedier way to enjoy the healthiest version of your favorite Mexican and Indian meals.

Founded by food industry veteran and protein expert, Douglas Kantner, Longève aims to make the world  healthier by producing foods that are good for the human body and sustainable for the earth.

The original Unseasoned Plant-Based Protein Crumbles come in three convenient sizes: 6 oz., which contains the equivalent of two pounds of ground meat; 3 oz., which equates to one pound of ground meat; and 1 oz., which is just enough to feed one or two people. New Masala Curry and Zesty Taco varieties come in 1- and 3-oz. bags.

Additional flavor varieties of their Plant-Based Protein Crumbles are slated for release this year. Whereas many well-known meat alternatives are made from a long list of ingredients like pea protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate, soy leghemoglobin, and others that the average consumer may not be familiar with,[1] Longève products are made entirely from nutritious, sustainable pea protein for a clean, green and healthy food.

Longève products can be purchased online at

Longève Plant-Based Protein Crumbles are easy enough for everyday recipes and thoroughly refined for the most gourmet of palates. Find them online at

For more information, visit Longève online, For media inquiries or to coordinate an interview with Douglas Kantner, contact Christina Madrid at Christie & Co,, by phone (818) 621-1897 and/or email

[1] Scipioni, J. (2019, August 21). Whole Foods CEO on plant-based meat boom: Good for the environment but not for your health. CNBC.’s%20website,juice%20extract%20(for%20color).

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