Explore Cuisine and Sproud Partner With Robin Arzón

RED BANK, N.J.-– Explore Cuisine and Sproud are proud to announce they are partnering with Robin to be part of her health and wellness journey. Both Explore Cuisine, a global maker of plant-based, vegan pasta and foods, and Sproud, a new pea-based dairy alternative, offer high protein products that help fuel the fitness guru’s intense routine.

“As an athlete and someone who follows a plant-based diet, it’s so important to fuel my body properly for optimal performance and recovery,” said Robin Arzón. “Both Explore Cuisine and Sproud are delicious and versatile plant-based alternatives that align with my high nutritional standards. I’m thrilled to work with these two leaders in the plant-based industry and share why these are two of my go-to brands.”

For those who follow Robin and participate in her workouts, they know that she has the power to inspire her followers to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. As part of Robin’s partnership with the plant-based brands, she will be inspiring her loyal fans to be part of her healthy nutrition journey by sharing Explore Cuisine and Sproud recipes, as well as tout how their nutritional benefits fuel her rigorous routine. Robin will serve as a spokesperson for the brands, sharing these recipes and tips across social media platforms, earned media efforts, and other marketing collateral.

“We are proud that Robin has found that our pasta can be used as a terrific source of the protein that she needs to keep body feeling fueled and energized,” said Greg Forbes, CEO of Explore Cuisine. “Whether you are a more advanced athlete like Robin or someone seeking a healthier alternative to pasta, the power of Explore Cuisine is that the ingredients and nutrients in our pasta allow consumers to feel confident that they are getting what they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to welcome Robin to the Explore Cuisine family.”

As a leading alternative pasta brand, Explore Cuisine offers a large variety of plant-based pasta made from the finest peas, beans, and lentils. Its products are packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients and are 100% non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Their most recent innovation, Edamame & Spirulina Spaghetti, has 24 grams of protein and 60% of the daily recommended iron amount. Explore Cuisine fuels foodies and health-conscious consumers in 20 countries.

Sproud, a disruptive, pea protein-based newcomer to the alternative dairy category, is challenging the category by bringing consumers together around a milk alternative that focuses on sustainability and taste. Sproud, which was developed in Sweden, is increasingly the go-to plant-based alternative with consumers and baristas across Europe and now just launched in the U.S. and Canada. The alternative milk boasts a stand-out stylish packaging and is offered in 4 flavors: Original, Unsweeten, Barista, and Chocolate.

“As a newcomer to North America, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to align our brand with someone as authentic and inspiring as Robin Arzón,” said Maria Tegman, Global Brand Director for Sproud. “Sproud is all about bringing people together and Robin does just that. We are excited to watch how she incorporates the stylish and sustainable pea-milk into her everyday routine.”

Social media users can see Robin’s recipes and posts by following her at @robinnyc on Instagram and by following @explorecuisine and @besproud across Facebook and Instagram.

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