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Oat My Goodness Craft Granola Rolls Out New Packaging

POTOMAC, Md.– For the first time since launching in 2014, Oat My Goodness is rolling out brand new packaging. Highlights of the new packaging include more transparent language to differentiate Oat My Goodness from other granolas on the market. The clear front-of-bag window allows customers to visibly see the granola clusters, with its simple ingredients more clearly described on the front of the packaging.

Additionally, Oat My Goodness is now officially non-GMO Verified and Gluten Free Certified, boasting both badges on all four flavors – Sunrise, Starshine, Bad Monkey and Vintage.

“We wanted to make our bags more shoppable for consumers that feel overwhelmed with the dozens of options now crowding the granola aisle,” said Yasaman Vojdani, co-founder of Oat My Goodness Craft Granola. “In addition to being non-GMO verified and certified gluten free, our new bags call out what makes us different – simple ingredients, unique flavor profiles, low sugar and no added salt. We’re all about going back to basics and think there’s no need for functional foods or elaborate ingredients to drive up the price of granola. I’m so excited that experts are forecasting 2019 will be the year of simplifying, something we’ve believed since day one and is now reflected on our new packaging!”

Founded by mother-daughter duo Shohreh and Yasaman Vojdani, Oat My Goodness craft granola is a family business that fulfills a gap in the marketplace for wholesome snacks without tons of sugar or salt, and that everyone can enjoy. Oat My Goodness sources quality ingredients with uncompromising standards. Organic, gluten-free, old-fashioned oats are at the core of each recipe, along with heart-healthy olive oil, whole nuts (not pieces), unsulphured dried fruits, no added salt and low sugar, using just enough dark brown sugar, honey or even dark chocolate to give each recipe the perfect amount of taste.

About Oat My Goodness Craft Granola

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Shohreh and Yasaman Vojdani, Oat My Goodness Craft Granola is a family business born from the need every family knows all too well: wholesome snacks that everyone can enjoy without tons of sugar or salt. Each and every bag of Oat My Goodness Craft Granola is carefully crafted to meet our highest expectations–in the hopes that we surpass yours.

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