SuperEats Launches Puffs Snack Line

NEW ORLEANS — Who wouldn’t want a snack that has both innovative and on-trend ingredients, works in many diet plans and is in a high-demand CPG segment? That describes New Orleans based Supereats’ line of snacks! They contain sacha inchi, the Peruvian mountain peanut, which is 3 times richer in protein and omegas than domestic peanuts! The Puffs are also made with peas, lentils and sorghum, making this plant-based, protein-powered, low carb, non-GMO snack a fit for keto, allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan and even diabetic diets! The line comes in flavors Truffle and Rosemary, Jalapeño Cheddar, Chipotle BBQ, and White Cheddar, which is being launched this month based on high demand from customers.

“I reach out to as many of our customers as possible to hear why they are purchasing,” said Aaron Gailmor, Supereats co-founder and CEO. “Customers tell us they couldn’t find a snack with our macronutrient profile, or one that worked with their dietary or health restrictions, until finding our Puffs line. That’s truly rewarding and the reason SuperEats exists. Many customers are also sharing with or buying for their kids, which we love. The earlier in life diet improvements are made, the more we’re truly helping our customers in the long term.”

Gailmor is quick to point out, that for many retailers, puffs is the fastest growing category in the booming snack aisle. “We feel we are positioned perfectly with a great tasting, better-for you functional snack, priced to fit well in the natural/organic, conventional and the all-important convenient store grab and go channel!”

While Supereats has already expanded this year into Big Y, Safeway/Albertsons, King Kullen, 7-Eleven,Earth Fare and others, they are well anchored in Texas and Louisiana with HEB, Rouses, and CentralMarket.

“We want to go deep quickly in the Texas and south-Central area,” said Gailmor. “And introduce more customers to our products and continue our same store sales momentum!”

Supereats is ready for that growth, having just moved co-packing to Wyandot Snacks in Marion, Ohio.

“With Wyandot, we have a partner who really can help us in multiple ways: packaging, design, marketing and distribution! We are really looking forward to their partnership,” said Gailmor.

Among Supereats’ other partners are CircleUp and The Litchfield Fund, investors in emerging Natural/Organic CPG and beverage brands.

“CircleUp and the Litchfield Fund have been great partners, giving us a lot of their time, focus, energy and advice,” said Gailmor. “We have what I believe is the most innovative snack in a tremendously fast-growing category, supported by a great manufacturing partner. We are really excited for 2018 which is all about building our brand, gaining distribution and expanding our Supereats’ team!”