Fusion Gourmet Introduces Chabé Sambal Sriracha Chile Sauce

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif. — Looking for a burst of flavor without the guilt? This artisan-crafted chili sauce infuses richness and heat into any dish, while offering health benefits like improved metabolism and weight loss.

The 50-year-old family recipe melds fresh fiery cayenne and Bird’s Eye chili peppers harvested from farms nestled along Indonesian mountains with fresh whole garlic and tropical spices. Indonesians have been using the chili pepper for more than 500 years to create Sambal chili sauce. Chabé Sambal’s distinct blend of indigenous spices is the original taste of the Sriracha flavor, and excludes MSG, artificial colors or flavors. It’s also great for the waistline: A one-teaspoon serving contains zero calories.

“We are excited to add Chabé Sambal to our growing line of specialty sauces, expanding on our Indonesian Sweet Soy and our globally inspired family of marinades, sauces and dips,” said Annie Chu, founder and chief executive officer of Fusion Gourmet, Inc. “We want to share the robust flavors and culture behind our sauces, which use better-for-you ingredients like palm-tree sugar that has a lower glycemic index, chilis that boost endorphins and garlic that strengthens your immune system, lowers cholesterol and fights inflammation.”

Chabé Sambal is part of a booming business as the popularity of hot sauces surges among consumers, particularly Millennials drawn to healthier, more exotic, gourmet condiments and products. U.S. hot sauce sales grew 5 percent annually since 2012, according to Quartz. Studies also show hot sauces can suppress appetite and boost metabolism.

Baby Boomers are another demographic group that enjoys hot sauce. People who eat spicy foods almost every day have a 14 percent chance of living longer than those who eat those foods less than once a week, according to a 2015 study published in BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal.

Fusion Gourmet’s Chabé Sambal will be available initially at online retailers in January.

About Fusion Gourmet, Inc.

Annie Chu acquired the passion, knowledge and food-industry experience from her grandfather who founded ABC sauces, one of the world’s largest soy sauce manufacturers based in Indonesia with product and brand presence in more than 100 countries. Annie started Fusion Gourmet in 1995, bringing her family’s enduring business legacy to the U.S. Today, the company is the sole distributor of ABC sauces in the U.S. and Canada. Annie also has expanded into other categories that include award-winning Bali’s Best coffee candy, made with Sumatran coffee from the Java. islands

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