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Fresh and Free Releases Plant-Based Bolognese Sauce

YONKERS, N.Y. — A personal story inspired Marie Rama to create FreshnFree’s 6-Vegetable Bolognese. Rama co-authored multiple editions of Cooking for Dummies and Grilling for Dummies and most recently Bacon Nation. The last book was the problem. While creating hundreds of bacon-laced recipes in her kitchen, her husband Mark ate more than his share of bacon, and shortly after the book was published, he was diagnosed with heart disease.

Mark and Marie took action by reversing their carnivore gears and embracing a plant-based, whole food, no-oil diet.

“I cooked up a storm of vegan soups, stews, salads, shakes, and one recipe brought me to an “ah ha” moment — a vegetable Bolognese,” said Rama. “I thought if I could get the sauce into a jar and make it shelf stable, I’d have a unique product not only for vegans, but also for moms, healthy eaters, dieters, and any one looking for a multi-vegetable, oil-free pantry sauce.”

The average pasta sauce is mostly a soupy marinara of crushed tomatoes, added sugar, salt, garlic, basil, and water. FreshnFree breaks open the staid pasta sauce category using shredded and roasted cauliflower, carrots, onions, mushrooms, garlic, walnuts for meat-like texture, tomatoes, and lots of herbs and spices. The sauce, with only 60 calories in a serving, has the texture and richness of a Bolognese but without any dairy, gluten, oil, added granulated sugar, water or meat.

Retailers in over 30 stores have responded enthusiastically. “We and our clients love your FreshnFree sauce,” said Clover Grocer (NYC). Amazon customers have awarded the sauce multiple five-star reviews.

Fresh and Free, LLC is developing a full line of thick, plant-based sauces to give American consumers more “real food” choices in the pasta sauce aisle that are not for pasta only. Stay tuned!

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P.S Mark is still devoted to plant-based, oil-free eating, and healthier than ever!

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