GetFed Launches Pre-Portioned Meal Delivery Service

BROOKLYN, NY– GetFed today launched their new meal kit delivery service based in New York City. This is a new take on meal delivery kits, with premium meal delivery service sourced from local ingredients and healthy, chef-designed recipes. Designed for both gym rats and very busy New Yorkers, GetFed requires no chopping or slicing or preparation at all. All GetFed meals come pre-prepared and ready to eat. GetFed is truly superior food developed by a 5-star chef who creates special recipes to ensure optimal health benefits.

“Many Blue Apron subscribers have complained in the past about the high calorie meals with no healthier options, and the inconvenient task of cooking for an hour before dinnertime,” said Co-founder Jesse Barocas, GetFed. “With GetFed, we only use top shelf ingredients for meals delivered that help users lose and maintain healthy weight. This way we’re addressing an unmet need for consumers who are looking for a healthy and diet-conscious meal delivery service.”

Most consumers in the New York metro are busy, and GetFed wants to reach both families with two working parents who want to enjoy a nutritious meal together when they get home, or stay-at-home moms who want to enjoy a delicious meal but have no time to cook. Busy can also apply to a young professional looking to make it in the city but doesn’t have time for him or herself. GetFed is also for the busy gym rat who’s looking to count calories and track their macros to get the best results out of their work out.

By working with local food suppliers like Baldor Specialty Foods and Sea Breeze, GetFed has developed healthy meals that eliminate portion and ingredient guess work. GetFed meals are made from scratch in a Brooklyn kitchen, with the goal to expand to a larger facility in 2018. GetFed looks to be the answer to the Blue Apron problem and promises total transparency with all recipes, local food sources and preparation process so that consumers know exactly what they’re eating.

The food startup’s future plans include regional marketplaces via expansion into larger metro cities in the United States. Each region will source all foods and culinary products from local vendors in regions where GetFed can be found.

About GetFed

Fitness instructor Jesse Barocas wanted to find an alternative to current meal delivery kits, and couldn’t find a solution for healthy and low-calorie meals. The startup was established by co-founders Jesse Barocas, Jonah Trager and Tollevin Williams, GetFed was born in New York City in 2017. With hundreds of subscribers, GetFed currently delivers meals prepared by an experienced 5-star chef from locally sourced ingredients. For more information, please visit

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