BeeFree Partners with King Soopers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — BeeFree, a gluten, dairy, grain, and junk free snack company, is growing thanks to the nationwide health trend to be liberated from junk food. Once focusing solely on varying flavors of Warrior Mix, a clean-fuel, healthy alternative to snacks loaded with ingredients one can’t pronounce, BeeFree is now introducing a great tasting, gluten/casein-free pizza dough, that for now will be sold exclusively in King Soopers stores throughout Denver and the surrounding area.

Beginning Thursday, November 16, BeeFree will be continuing its brand’s commitment to gluten free and great tasting by providing King Soopers’ customers with a “clean” and quality alternative to other store-bought pizza doughs. This new, gluten free dough uses a special blend of flours, rice, tapioca, almonds, and a touch of zanthun gum to help bind it all together, and is the perfect blend that doesn’t sacrifice taste. Other ingredients also include olive oil, egg whites and a lovely combination of Italian herbs: rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano, that create an appetizing blend of soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and full of flavor.

“Providing good, clean, gluten free food for people all over the country is our mission, and King Soopers will be the first retailer in Colorado to offer BeeFree gluten free pizza dough,” said CEO and Founder, Jennifer Wiese. “And it’s super flavorful, and soft, not cardboard-ish or bland. It’s also very versatile and makes pizza, calzones, breadsticks, flatbread or crackers,” said Wiese.

BeeFree’s goal was to create a great tasting gluten-free dough for people who enjoy a clean eating lifestyle, plus some added benefits to help it stand out from the competition including a heartier flavor.

“We try to be innovative at BeeFree, we see a need in the marketplace and provide a solution,” said Wiese.

Look for BeeFree gluten-free pizza dough in the Deli/Italian section at King Soopers grocery stores.

About BeeFree

BeeFree evolved from a mother’s love to bake tasty gluten– and casein–free treats for her son with autism that would help him and let him enjoy the pleasure of being a kid. The struggles of navigating this world without gluten/dairy can often be overwhelming, disappointing and, frankly, expensive. So BeeFree set to work converting favorite family recipes into paleo friendly “clean” snacks that promote a healthy lifestyle that the entire family can appreciate and enjoy. BeeFree’s products are teenager tested, free of junky ingredients and full of flavor. You’ll never believe it’s gluten free. One bite is all it takes for you to be a bee-liever.

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