New “Super” Seattle Chocolates Bar Features CoffeeFlour

Carol Ortenberg

Seattle – June 2016 Seattle Chocolate Company is launching its second superfood dark chocolate bar, the Seattle Chocolates A Super Chocolate Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar Powered by CoffeeFlour® & Cocoa Nibs. The new truffle bar combines CoffeeFlour, a nutrient-dense flavor-rich ingredient made from dried coffee cherry pulp, with antioxidant-rich roasted cocoa nibs.

409101_700px“At Seattle Chocolate Company, we’re known for creating unique, yet approachable, ingredient combinations, as seen across our brand’s versatile flavor profile,” said Jean Thompson, owner and CEO, Seattle Chocolate Company. “The positive response to our CoffeeFlour-infused jcoco bar launched in January has been overwhelming, and let us know our fans crave additional products that help make a positive difference in the world. Partnering with the globally reaching CoffeeFlour helps us reach more people with our newest superfood Seattle Chocolates Truffle Bar and make a greater impact in a sweet way.”

In the Seattle Chocolates A Super Chocolate Truffle Bar, rich and creamy dark chocolate is perfectly mixed with roasted cocoa nibs – adding a subtle and flavorful crunch. The addition of CoffeeFlour layers in floral, citrus and roasted fruit notes, and balances the distinctive and somewhat nutty taste of the cocoa nibs, all while enhancing the robust nutrients of dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Powered by Cocoa Nibs & CoffeeFlour is a Superfood Powerhouse:

  • According to Authority Nutrition’s “7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate,” dark chocolate is naturally loaded with antioxidants and nutrients such as soluble fiber, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and more – making it a good-for-you treat that improves brain function, lowers blood pressure, and protects your skin, among other health boosting benefits. (Of course, all good things in moderation!)
  • Cocoa nibs are inherently beneficial, as the least processed and most natural form of chocolate, with multiple nutritional effects similar to those found in dark chocolate – like boosting heart health and helping prevent brain ailments according to LiveStrong.
  • CoffeeFlour offers more protein per gram than fresh kale, more potassium per gram than a banana, more iron per gram than fresh spinach, five times more fiber than whole grain wheat flour and 42 percent more fiber (and 84 percent less fat) than coconut flour. Visit for a full nutritional overview.

“We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Seattle Chocolate Company to offer a new, great-tasting superfood option chocolate fans will love,” said Dan Belliveau, founder and CEO of CoffeeFlour. “Beyond the bar, we have a rich, collaborative partnership that incorporates our shared philosophy of giving back and sourcing responsibly.”

The joint partnership between the two brands is built on a commitment to protect the environment, successfully repurposing the traditionally wasted coffee fruit pulp product to create a great tasting product, while creating sustainable jobs and a new revenue source and better economic future for farmers.

Created from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa, the new Seattle Chocolates A Super Chocolate Truffle Bar is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and Kosher certified.

About Seattle Chocolate Company: Creating our first chocolate in 1991, Seattle Chocolate Company celebrates the innovation and local flavors the Pacific Northwest is known for. Available at retailers nationwide, Seattle Chocolate Company offers a full line of premium chocolates that includes Seattle Chocolates truffle bars, award-winning Seattle Chocolates truffles, jcoco chocolate bars, and a selection of seasonal and special occasion products. Using only the finest all-natural ingredients, many inspired by our Northwest heritage and artisanal spirit, to create fresh, approachable flavor-combinations, our small and mighty company is owned and led by CEO Jean Thompson, a seasoned and self-taught chocolatier. Our entire chocolate line is certified Kosher, and many varieties are also gluten-free and vegan. Coast to coast, we support neighborhood food banks and non-profit organizations focused on bettering the lives of women and their families, specifically in the fight against hunger. To learn more about our company, our chocolates and our giving philosophy, visit and

About CoffeeFlour: CoffeeFlour®, the new global impact food, is driving the “waste reuse” movement forward through partnerships with global thought leaders and environmentally­-conscious organizations. The brand transforms coffee fruit pulp, a former waste product, into a nutrient-­rich cooking ingredient. Poised to reinvent not only the coffee industry, but also inspire like-minded organizations to rethink their existing food production systems, CoffeeFlour is a powerful new addition to the global menu.

CoffeeFlour is an agricultural innovation structured as a for profit business generating for benefit results with bases in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Visit to learn more.

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