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Brand and Package Design

The basics of brand and package design from logo development to working with a design firm to brand revamps.

E-Commerce and Online Retail

How to win online by mastering the essentials of e-commerce.

Beverage School

Live content from Beverage School conferences.

BevNET FBU Conference

BevNET’s FBU Conference offers early-stage entrepreneurs the chance to get an overview of the beverage business from product formulation through retailing, all in a special live session.

BevNET Live Conference Footage

Videos from BevNET's BevNET Live conferences. Hear from leading beverage entrepreneurs, industry experts, and others on a variety of strategic topics.

Brewbound Session

The Brewbound Session is a strategic learning conference focused on the business side of craft beer.


Discussing the various certifications that are available to food & beverage companies and products.


Learn the ropes of food & beverage distribution in the US, including the types of distributors, how to pitch them, and how to work with them to effectively sell your brand.


Hear from a growing list of experts on all areas of finance and investment.

Legal & Regulatory

Regulatory issues, labeling, advertising and functional claims, and other legal issues.


Learn about the process of producing your food or beverage recipe on a large scale.

Marketing - Sampling

Learn the necessary steps to create and execute a successful field marketing and sampling strategy.


Strategies for promoting your brand and products on shelf.

NOSH Conference Footage

Videos from NOSH’s conferences. Hear from leading food entrepreneurs, industry experts, and others on a variety of strategic topics.


Operations management and strategy as discussed by several experts in the field.

Product Development

Learn about flavors, formulation, co-packing, and other important factors regarding the development of your product.

Public Relations - Social Media Management

Public relations are a vital component to any food or beverage launch. Learn about to effectively manage how your brand is perceived.

Retail Management

Features topics such as channel strategies, store authorizations, reaching the decision makers (food & beverage buyers), and more.

Route to Market

Exploring and understanding the variety of ways for getting products into stores.

Staffing/Organizational Management

Learn who and how to hire the best employees for your company.

Trade Shows

While trade shows can offer brands and suppliers a way to connect with potential clients they can also offer a great deal of insight into the food and beverage world.

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