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Company: Zubiate Foods


ZUBI'S small-batch, full of flavor products are created at the ZUBI LAZY W Ranch, a zero-waste facility that is 100% powered by a solar panel field, relies on organic processes, and uses only the most ethically harvested produce. ZUBI'S founder, Sarah Zubiate, prides herself on creating delicious, healthy, plant-based, allergen-free products that can be enjoyed by everyone. ZUBI’S, which is a shortened, modernized take on Zubiate, means “to bridge together”. “Bridges” are a means of connection that bring people together, and what better way to connect with others than through delicious, nutritious food. ZUBI’S products bridge the gap between individuals because no matter one’s lifestyle or food sensitivity, ZUBI’S is for everyone.

Small Batch, Big Flavor
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