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The love, clean ingredients and BOLD flavors found in all ZUBI’s products embody all of the beauty, complexity and warmth you would expect to find in a loving Mexican-American home. Each batch of ZUBI’s dips and salsa pays homage to Founder and CEO, Sarah Zubiate’s, Latin up-bringing, all while providing customers with healthy, flavorful products that are free from allergens, toxins, and preservatives. Our name, ZUBI’S, is a modernized take on Zubiate, meaning “to bridge together”. “Bridges” are a means of connection that bring people together, and what better way to connect with others than through delicious, nutritious food. ZUBI’S products bridge the gap between individuals because no matter one’s dietary lifestyle or food sensitivity, ZUBI’S is truly for everyone! What sets us apart? ZUBI’s proudly operates as a 100% sustainable operation, in that we grow many of the hard-to-source ingredients from the fertile, nutrient-dense soil of our very own ZUBI Farm, manufacture our products in small batches at our own zero-waste facility, and directly transport the products to each retailer or consumer. In being 100% sustainable, ZUBI’s ensures each product is filled with only the cleanest, freshest ingredients in order to provide the BIG, BOLD flavors that all customers can enjoy! ZUBI’s IS: 100% Organic * Plant-Based * Nut-Free * Dairy-Free * Top-8 Allergen Free * Shelf-Stable * Small batch, BIG flavor * Latina-Owned * 100% Sustainable * Made in Texas

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Available at all Central Market locations in Texas

Highland Park Village Arts District Downtown


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