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Wild Friends
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Follow us on twitter @2wildfriends! We're also on instagram @wild_friends! One day, at their apartment in Eugene, Oregon, University sophomores Keeley and Erika were scraping the bottom of yet another jar of peanut butter. With no more peanut butter and a surplus of celery, they were faced with a familiar conundrum. Luckily, they had a bag of raw peanuts, a brand new food processor, and two squirrelly little minds. It didn't take long before they had created a delicious batch of homemade peanut butter. However, their creativity now sparked, Keeley and Erika were no longer content with the plain peanut butter they had created. So they set to adding every conceivable ingredient they had on their shelves. They sprinkled in cinnamon, raisins, chocolate chips, coffee, coconut... the list goes on. They tried them all. After extensive sampling, Erika and Keeley decided their product was simply too good to keep to themselves. On this fateful day, the first batches of Wild Friends Nut Butter were created!

Squeeze Packs
Oats and Nut Butter
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