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Trail Truffles
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Trail Truffles were designed to address the issue that the trail food and good-for-you snacks category has—for years—had a plethora of options for those customers seeking a source of fuel that is either 1) portable/easy to consume, 2) healthful, or 3) decadent. Most offerings on the market today capture only one or two of these requirements. “Bars are cumbersome/not convenient” or “gels and gummies are just simple sugars” or “chocolate is delicious, but it melts” are common complaints that largely go unresolved for trail users and nutritionally focused consumers alike. Trail Truffles are a unique offering, which results in a healthful, portable energy bite that also provides enough of the “decadence” you’d find in a dark chocolate truffle to be a nutritious, functional food, and satiate your sweet tooth also. As such, Trail Truffles are just as practical for the outdoor enthusiast wanting to fuel her adventure as they are for the soccer mom needing healthful calories for her kids or the jet-set traveler seeking some energy for her flight while wanting to avoid a sugar crash. Our continued success with our customers is in part due to letting them find their own “trail” to use the product. In addition to encouraging our customers to find their trail, we’ve focused the product messaging on the healthful benefits of a plant-based product. Not only are Trail Truffles plant based, but we are gluten free, non-GMO, use no refined sugars, and provide complete protein—all through a plant-based product that highlights the fact that it’s very possible to deliver an all-in-one fueling source derived entirely from plants. We will only use plants in our products to encourage the ongoing growth of plant-based diets (for health and environmental purposes), but we also fundamentally believe plant-based products can deliver an amazing taste and texture profile—healthful and decadent for the win!

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