Straight Hemp: Straight Hemp CBD Vape Oil


Straight Hemp removes the hazards of vaping to deliver an experience of relief like no other. Straight Hemp does not use a traditional thinning agent: we use only hemp essential oil in our vape pens (i.e. 100% pure). We've developed a proprietary blend of native hemp terpenes that thin the thicker CBD-rich distillate to create our vape oil. With your health and well-being in mind, we use ceramic coil technology in our cartridges, thereby eliminating the hazard of metal coil delivery methods.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. 50% CBD, 50% hemp terpenes, less than 0.3% THC. No fillers (PEG/PG, palm oils, vegetable glycerins, etc.). No heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, or toxic solvents.


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Straight Hemp CBD Vape Oil
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