Munchy Pops

Munchy Pops
Company: Crunchy Pops, LLC

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Munchy Pops are water lily seeds popped and roasted into crunchy balls of savory bliss. We created classic flavors with a modern twist on the traditional Indian recipe. You've got our word that Munchy Pops are made with non-GMO and simple natural ingredients produced by nature-lovers. We're on a mission to offer minimally-processed plant-based snacks that nourish the body and the mind while still tasting utterly delicious. We are proud to introduce a superfood snack that aligns with our values and excited to share an age-old Indian kitchen staple with the American health food market. We started Munchy Pops with the goal to make tasty and healthy snacks that fuse traditional recipe with modern flavoring, all the while paying our respects to the bearer of life - nature. Why our pops are better than other snacks? - Non GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy/Nuts/Corn/Grain Free, No Trans Fat - 4-7g of Plant Protein per Bag, Vegan, Clean Ingredients, No Artificial Flavors/Preservatives - 15% less Calories than Popcorn, No Kernels, Roasted not Fried, Not Extruded

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