Foodstirs Junk-Free Bakery

Foodstirs Junk-Free Bakery
Company: Foodstirs, Inc.

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Based in Santa Monica, CA, Foodstirs Junk-Free Bakery was started by parents and entrepreneurs Galit Laibow, Greg Fleishman, and Sarah Michelle Gellar who were determined to challenge the treat status quo by reinventing childhood favorites for today's sweet tooth. We source sustainable, clean ingredients, and say no to GMOs. ?From THE BEST donuts, cookies and brownies you’ll ever have — we keep the SUGAR LOW and the YUM HIGH. Oh, and we’re all about instant satisnacktion, sans the side of guilt. Having a treat shouldn’t ever equal self defeat. So here’s the bottom line: We believe in keeping it real and better for you. Goodness, flavor and fun. Period. That’s our kind of suh-weet talk.

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