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Cholula Hot Sauce
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Cholula® Hot Sauce makes food more exciting with a celebration of uniquely crafted blends that let you Uncap Real Flavor™. Cholula® Hot Sauce is the delicious result of a generations old recipe and a rich Mexican heritage. By using the ripest local ingredients and a creative blend of authentic spices, Cholula quickly became known as “el sabor perfecto”, the perfect flavor. That original recipe has gone unchanged over the years and now expands to four additional varieties, each featuring a memorable taste experience that holds true to the brand philosophy of enhancing while never overpowering. Cholula celebrates the best taste experience. When you Uncap Real Flavor™ with Cholula Hot Sauce, prepare to ignite a burst of flavor that makes all your favorite foods taste better than you ever thought possible. Many recognize Cholula by the wooden cap that tops each and every bottle. It’s fashioned from beech wood, native to Europe, Asia and North America and color-died to reflect each of our five distinctive flavors. When Cholula was introduced, the cap was selected to represent the true commitment to craftsmanship behind every product and created a visible separator from all other hot sauces. Fans always tell us that even after they finish a bottle, they keep the cap as a memento.

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