Big Fork: Original


Preservative Free Soy Free (Soy Sauce Free) Gluten Free Lean Protein 100 Calories per pack 11g Protein per pack Made in USA Paleo & Keto Friendly Antibiotic Free Nitrate Free


Ingredients: pork, water, cane sugar, sea salt, natural flavors, celery juice powder, and vinegar.


Known as the wagyu of pork, we exclusively use Berkshire pork due to it superior taste and texture. Soy sauce free so you can enjoy the clean pure meaty flavor all on its own. Sliced thin and marinated for 2 days prior to drying and smoking over natural hardwoods. Original, Maple, and Spicy 3 - Pepper. 11g of protein, 100 Calories, 2.25 oz. per bag. Made from 100% Heritage Hogs raised outdoors in Iowa. Made in USA, Antibiotic-Free, Nitrate-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Preservative-Free. Naturally smoked, Paleo and Keto friendly.