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Angelic Bakehouse
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We make yealthy™ food. A new category of carbs that’s as yummy as it is healthy. When two forces collide, there’s bound to be sparks – or in this case, incredible bread. 25 years ago Jenny and James Marino met in high school. In 2009, they met with destiny. Fed up with the frustrations of working in the finance world, and even more frustrated with the quality of available bread, they set out on a mission: To craft delicious bread that their two daughters would love, and bring out all the powerful nutrients Mother Nature intended. In short – Pure Bread Perfection™. To that end, in 2009 the couple bought Cybros, a sprouted bakery in Waukesha, WI that needed a facelift. It got one. And so did the sprouted industry. Over the next six years, they spread the word about the benefits of their amazing bread. Dedicated local fans soon became dedicated national fans, and the company has grown 10-fold since they made it their own. Through it all, they’ve remained true to their belief that good enough isn’t good enough. It’s a mindset they live everyday in their choices; from the food they eat to the wine they drink – to live an uncompromising life. To that end, they’ve expanded their product line, made their products non-GMO, and continued to look for new ways to make something incredible even better. There’s a halo effect to that attitude, and they’re out to make every Angelic employee feel the same pride in their own work. Since the beginning, Jenny and James have always been about getting the best out of each and every day, and that’s still true, both in life and in bread. Visit to learn more.

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