SprintToSuccess S1E5: The Art of Revisions

Aug. 20, 2020 at 4:11 PM

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but don’t worry, we’re still going strong, thanks to the hydration of Superfrau. In our last episode we presented two packaging design concepts to Melissa. After much deliberation, the team as a whole decided to move forward with “Peak Hydration”.
This episode is all about the art of revisions - moving from a big conceptual picture of the brand and into the details that can make all the difference at the moment of truth aka getting a consumer to choose us. So from a design standpoint, this means continuing to evolve communication hierarchy, fonts, colors, composition, flavor systems, claims and more.

Now, as in life we, took a few detours on this sprint. As we moved through the rounds of work, we realized that we were seeing the brand differently than Melissa and her team. We also understood that there were opinions we weren’t hearing that Melissa was having to consolidate and deliver. So to put thinks back on track, we gather Melissa and her group of advisors for a call and walked everyone through the work and thinking. This gave us the ability to hear everyone’s thoughts and create a plan moving forward that addressed everyones POV, ours included.

So as you work on your own brand, remember that it’s important to listen, stay nimble and bring everyone along for the ride. Having an open mind and the flexibility one needs to be a good partner is critical to in order to create something with true intention. So check us out and tune in next episode to see what the final product looks like!

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