Category Close-up: Ice Cream - Product Showcase

Oct. 28, 2020 at 1:47 PM

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For the second edition of Category Close-Up, a video series available exclusively to BevNET and NOSH subscribers, we’re taking a deep dive into the trends and news — as well as the innovative brands and products — that are currently shaping the ice cream industry.

In yesterday’s Expert Analysis part of this series, we brought together a group of industry authorities to take a closer look into the market dynamics shaping the ice cream category.

Now, we’re turning to the brand’s point of view. In this episode of Category Closeup: Product Showcase NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg and Taste Radio producer Ray Latif will interview executives and brand leaders from both emerging and established ice cream companies to discuss company strategy, category evolution and new product information.

On the Ice Cream Product Showcase you’ll hear about the latest innovations and updates from brands including:

Van Leeuwen
Mammoth Creamery
Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots
Alden’s Organics

Retailers, investors and other industry executives can learn more about a wide range of ice cream brands and products by accessing the Category Closeup: Digital Download — a collection of digital images and sales sheets from a wide range of ice cream producers.

Both Category Closeup shows are available live and for replay to BevNET and NOSH subscribers. If you’d like to dive into the ice cream category as well as access our future Category Close-Up and Product Showcase shows, subscribe today.