Category Close-Up: Plant-Based Meats - Expert Analysis

Sep. 22, 2020 at 12:31 PM




Available exclusively to BevNET and NOSH subscribers, this week readers are invited to watch the first NOSH installment of our new Category Close-Up show, which features our Expert Panel and Product Showcase videos.

During the Expert Panel part of Category Close-Up, we’ll bring together a group of experts from across the industry to take a closer look into the industry dynamics shaping major food and beverage categories. With the help of top analysts, investors, buyers and retail brands leaders, we’ll delve into the trends, consumer behaviors, investment activity and retail movements that are driving categories forward and impacting the brands within them.

To kick off the series on NOSH, Editor Carol Ortenberg will be joined by a panel to examine the plant-based protein space — a rapidly growing category that has kept brands, consumers and retailers across channels on their toes. Our panel will examine how the category, including both refrigerated and frozen products, is positioned as supermarkets welcome a new set of sustainable protein offerings that go beyond the meat and fish products that have been in stores for decades.

NOSH’s guests include:

Jaime Athos, President and CEO, Tofurky; Melissa Abbott, VP Retainer Services, The Hartman Group, Lee Robinson, Director of Refrigerated Grocery and Beverage, Whole Foods Market; Melissa Facchina, General Partner & Co-Founder, Siddhi Capital and CEO and Founder, Siddhi Ops; T.K. Pillan, Exec Chairman & Co-Founder, Veggie Grill and Partner & Co-Founder, PowerPlant Ventures

Following each Expert Panel, the next day, we’ll shift to the brands’ perspective, hearing directly from the companies that are actively creating and responding to these market shifts during our Product Showcase. During our first episode, which is set to air Wednesday, we’ll interview a range of plant-based protein leaders, who will discuss both strategy and new product innovation.

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