JPG Announces “Greenhouse” Team to Focus on Plant-Based Protein Market

BATTLE CREEK, Mich.— Building on its successful track of plant protein-based new food products the “Greenhouse” team will further align JPG Resources with the PBP market. With 30+ years of experience commercializing foods built on plant proteins JPG Resources is further focusing on this rapidly expanding market. Currently at a respectable $4.8 billion (2018), estimates from UBS see PBPs rocketing up to $85 billion by 2030.

This incredible PBP category growth projection is fueled by the confluence of concerns over health, sustainability, and impact on the environment and animal welfare. With the release of the United Nations’ recent report on the reduction of meat consumption in order to combat climate change, the perceived sustainability and environmental benefits of a more plant-based diet will only drive this demand higher.

Dr. Ron McDermott leads the Greenhouse team at JPG. He is the former Vice President of Research & Technology at Worthington Foods and former Vice President of Advanced Innovation & Global Nutrition at Kellogg Company. In both positions, he worked closely with Morningstar Farms, a leading PBP brand. Ron notes that “JPG is ahead of this growing market as our work spans decades of real development in beverages, veggie burgers, and a wide range of bars and snack products. Part of our success is from our ongoing work with key suppliers that provide proteins across the spectrum including soy, pea, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, you name it. With our unique experience, JPG can bring plant protein ideas to life and grow businesses, whether it’s a small start-up or an existing household brand.”

Jeff Grogg, Managing Director at JPG Resources cautions, “There are very few limits to plant-based protein conceptually, but there are challenges to using them, including flavor, nutrition, and access to the best sources. We have overcome all of these repeatedly at startup and larger scale. We enjoy the challenges in this space and the people creating this exciting market. They’re creative, fun, and looking for novel things and new ideas, and we clear a path for them to thrive.”

George Squire, an R&D lead at JPG is not shy about Greenhouse’s creative difference: “JPG approaches plant proteins differently. As experienced foods scientists, we are not afraid to push the envelope. Clients often come to JPG once they hit a dead-end. We have flexibility and ideas that others do not. We look to other areas of plant-based proteins to get answers. We’ve solved flavor and texture hurdles in snacks by looking at the meat industry and how they tackled the problem. We do not limit ourselves by what a certain platform says it should be.”

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