Ekos Launches Ekos Maker Craft Food and Beverage Software

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— Ekos, the industry leader in craft management software, has announced the launch of their newest product – ekos_maker. Ekos Maker gives food and beverage companies an easy to use cloud-based system to manage their inventory, production, sales and accounting all in one place — saving them time and money.

Five years ago Ekos launched the Ekos Brewmaster product, partnering with craft beer producers all over the world to help streamline their processes. While working in the alcohol industry, the company has received numerous inquiries from other businesses outside the space such as ghee producers, coffee roasters, chocolatiers, kombucha brewers, and more. Through numerous conversations with these makers, Ekos noticed similar needs within the food and beverage market that paralleled the craft beer industry. Companies are using spreadsheets and clipboards to run their business or clunky outdated ERP solutions that focus too much on the back office and disregard the usability for the makers themselves.

“Ekos’ mission has always been to help craft makers all over the world scale their business, streamline their processes, and optimize their teams. We want to give the underdogs in the food and beverage industry a fighting chance against the entrenched leaders in their space.” said Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos. “Our affordable software provides the tools needed for any maker to efficiently run their business.”

The Ekos Maker system allows makers from any food and beverage company to keep track of their:

  • Raw material and packaging inventory, including lots
  • Vendor bills
  • Recipe steps and ingredients with their task-based production process
  • Finished goods inventory
  • Sales orders and invoices
  • Delivery shipments
  • Customer information

With the ability to plan out and forecast ingredient usage and finished goods in real time, companies can ensure all orders are met. Ekos Maker generates cost of goods sold to help make these costs easier to understand, allowing for adjustments as needed. The accounting information generated within the software is synced seamlessly to either QuickBooks or Xero accounting platforms. Ekos also directly integrates with Square to sync sales and inventory details for any business with a storefront as a part of their operation.

Ekos is the industry leader in providing business management software to independent craft manufacturing companies! Continually growing, Ekos partners with over 1,550 craft beverage producers to manage their day to day operations in inventory, production, sales, and accounting. With just a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a mobile device, they have made it easy for customers to organize, manage, and integrate information from every area of their operation into one easily accessible location.

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