Watch: SuperFat Fuels Busy Keto Consumers

Beth Kaiserman

In his previous career as a tech entrepreneur, SuperFat founder and CEO David Hauser struggled to find travel-friendly keto products that suited his busy schedule. Aiming to fill the need, he launched SuperFat, a line of uniquely designed, low-sugar nut butter pouches, via Kickstarter last February.

Nearly a year later, the brand’s five SKUs emphasize clean recipes with functional ingredients — such as MCT, probiotics and cacao. By focusing on high-quality food and modern, eye-catching packaging, Hauser envisions SuperFat becoming an even bigger platform for keto-friendly foods, with two new product launches planned for 2020.

At the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last week, Hauser told NOSH reporter Beth Kaiserman that conventional retailers are increasingly taking note of consumer demand for keto products. And although the market is becoming noisy, Hauser said SuperFat’s cohesive message and emphasis on taste will keep the brand going strong — and help fuel a broader consumer appetite for healthy fats.

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