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Watch: Key Trends from the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show

Carol Ortenberg

Walk any aisle at the grocery store and three trends are inescapable: protein, plant-based and snackability. While each is connected to different attributes (ingredients versus product format) all three have come to indicate to consumers products with a better-for-you bent.

However, although these are staple callouts in the natural set, they’ve yet to enjoy broad adoption by specialty food providers — until now. At this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show, NOSH spotted several specialty food providers embracing these product attributes in a quest to tweak their classic specialty lines to better meet today’s consumer needs.

For example, Blue Hill Bay has always produced high-quality, cured salmon perfect for brunch, but by creating a “protein bowl,” that same product can be targeted towards a new shopper and cater to more use occasions. In this video, NOSH Editor Carol Ortenberg examines how these three trends played out on the show floor.

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