NOSH Live Video: How Angie’s Put the BOOMCHICKAPOP into Their Brand

Carol Ortenberg

Change is difficult. But often it’s needed — even vital — to move your company forward. That’s what Angie Bastian discovered when she decided to rebrand her popcorn line as Angie’s Boomchickapop, despite a loyal following under the name Angie’s Kettle Corn.

At NOSH Live Winter 2018 Bastian shared why she chose to make this decision, even though the company risked losing consumers who knew and loved the old brand. She also shared what inspired the company’s unique design of bright pastel colors and romance copy that spoke directly to consumers. Bastian told the audience she walked through the popcorn aisle and asked where are all the “popcorn women?” — an insight that helped the company realize they needed to target female shoppers in order to differentiate themselves from other snack lines.

After choosing to rebrand, Bastian and her investors went on to sell the company for $250 million to Conagra Foods. In this video, Bastian further details how the choice to take on a more expansive brand identity was vital to this end goal and her advice to brands as they build their own point of view.

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