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Elevator Talk: Highland Farm Foods Reaches Millennials with Personality and Flavor

Our Elevator Talk pitch series showcases the up-and-coming food brands you need to know. Meet the founders behind the hottest brands hitting the market and hear their plans to stand out on shelf. You can catch this series on Project NOSH and Instagram TV, with new pitches shared every week.

When Camille Paz y Mino moved to New York she found herself searching for fun, healthy alternatives to her favorite conventional snacks. But, the ones she could find, she felt lacked flavor and personality. So Paz y Mino took the matter into her own hands — launching Highland Farm Foods, a line of quinoa-based snacks and cereals. Tune into this week’s Elevator Talk to find out how Paz y Mino is reaching millennial shoppers, what the brand’s distribution plans look like and what she’s learned as the company has grown.

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