Elevator Talk

Our goal is to give entrepreneurs a chance to share their Expo West stories in their own words and to provide some face time with the industry, which is the hardest thing to replace in the wake of the show’s postponement.

Retailers, investors, distributors, suppliers, service providers and fellow brands can tune into the live feed on the BevNET and NOSH as well as on the BevNET LinkedIn and NOSH LinkedIn pages.

Want to participate in a future livestream? Apply for a future Elevator Talk Livestream >>

About Elevator Talk

Our Elevator Talk pitch series showcases up-and-coming food and beverage brands within the industry. Meet the founders behind the hottest brands hitting the market and hear their plans to stand out on shelves. You can catch this series on and the BevNET YouTube channel with new pitches shared every week.

Founders of food and beverage startups are invited to apply for the video interview series.

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