Watch: Ruhlman Talks ‘What Keeps Retailers Up at Night’

Carol Ortenberg

Michael Ruhlman at NOSH Live Summer 2017

Americans are obsessed with food. They are increasingly watching television shows about how to cook food, Instagramming photos of their meals, even reading cookbooks — for fun, no less. And yet, many Americans lack a depth of knowledge when it comes to the grocery store.

Award-winning author Michael Ruhlman is hoping to change that with his latest book, Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America. Ruhlman spoke about the book, which explores the changing landscape of retail stores, while at NOSH Live Summer 2017 in N.Y.C. last month. He addressed how the importance of retailers responding to consumer needs creates new dynamics in the retail/consumer relationship, especially during a time when ecommerce is becoming king.

“You’re going to see the grocer continue to become more and more the curator of the product and giving them customer service. [They’re an] unrecognized ally for the up-and-coming product,” Ruhlman said during his presentation. “[But] ecommerce is what keeps [retailers] up at night.”

Later, Ruhlman sat down with Project NOSH Editor Carol Ortenberg and BevNET CMO Mike Schneider for a segment on Taste Radio to discuss what exact changes have occurred for grocery giants and where food brands fit into the retail landscape.

To hear Ruhlman’s thoughts on the industry, watch below. To hear behind-the-scenes anecdotes about why Ruhlman wanted to write Grocery, listen to the most recent episode of Taste Radio here.

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