Watch: James Richardson Talks Focus & Filters During NOSH Live

Meagan McGinnes

The food industry is like photography: entrepreneurs need to look at their world through a focused lens in order to get the best result. Or at least that’s how James Richardson, senior VP of knowledge and innovation at the Hartman Group, sees it.

Richardson shared that sentiment and other insights on the power of focus for growing brands during last month’s Summer 2017 NOSH Live event in N.Y.C.

“In photography composition is your foundation,” Richardson said. “In food, product is your foundation. If you do not obsess about your product you’ll have no mental attention to manage the hundreds of other variables needed to win in the competitive marketplace.”

During his presentation, Richardson used Siggi’s Yogurt as a case study to show how being “obsessively focused” on product, placement, promotion and price can help a brand grow. He said Siggi’s navigated the line between obscure and innovative and found an approachable solution to disrupt a mainstream food category, making the brand’s leaders category experts in the eyes of trade and consumers.

But while focus is key, Richardson said, so are filters– and the ability to say no.

“Focus attracts a lot of attention from investors, as well as loads of unsolicited advice,” he said. “The word no in your journey is a critical enabler of focus… and if you focus on that word ‘no’ I guarantee you are going to see above average growth.”

For Richardson’s complete NOSH Live presentation, watch below.

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