Join Our New LinkedIn Group!

As the New Year approaches, we remain focused on offering the very best educational content for our subscribers. Our efforts will include a new aspect of community-based learning, in which entrepreneurs can share ideas, information and contacts as they grow in the food and beverage business.

To kick things off, we’ve created a new LinkedIn group and forum for FBU subscribers, and I invite all of you to join.

The goal for this group is to encourage and open lines of dialogue between FBU and our subscribers, and to create a place where entrepreneurs can work together to help grow their brands.

I will be checking our discussions daily and will be posting:

  • Information about upcoming events
  • New stories we are working on
  • Topics for feedback

In return, we really ask that should you, our subscribers, have a question or topic you want to learn about, or a story you’re interested in hearing more of, let us know! If you’re starting a new food or beverage company or just want some feedback from your peers on a new product, you’ve just developed in your kitchen, share it with us too!

This really isn’t meant to be too formal. We want it to be easy. So let’s stay touch!

Also, you might already know that FBU is on Facebook and Twitter, and if you haven’t already, follow us for plenty of news and updates on the site. We’ve also just launched on Instagram, where we’ll post images of new and innovative foods and drinks to come our way, as well as the crazy happenings in the life of our FBU staff members. Be sure to follow us at BevNET_FBU on Instagram.

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