Rustic Brew Farm Debuts Sprouted Grain Flours for Restaurants and Retail

MARYSVILLE, Ohio— Rustic Brew Farm is adding breadth to its offerings with Sprouted Grain Flours, now available to restaurants and retailers for purchase in Ohio and online.

Rustic Brew Farm’s new flour line features Sprouted Corn Flour, Sprouted Wheat Flour, and Diastatic Malt Powder— the secret ingredient savvy bakers use to promote volume, browning, and texture.

Rustic Brew Farm grows all of their own grains, non-GMO corn, and low-gluten wheat for flour-making so they can control quality throughout the entire growing process. After harvest, grain is cleaned, sprouted and stone ground on the farm, always without the addition of preservatives or any other chemicals. This flour is 100 percent whole grain, with unmatched flavor from freshness and terroir.

Naturally sweeter to taste and packed with nutrients from the sprouting process, Rustic Brew Farm sprouted grain flour is a great alternative to white flour in baking.

Born out of a family corn and soybean farm, Rustic Brew Farm continues to diversify its crops. “Now that we’ve established ourselves as a craft malt house and small batch hop grower for craft brewers, we wanted to expand from the beverage realm and connect our farm’s products full-circle with chefs and food purveyors, too,” says Rustic Brew Farm Founder Matt Cunningham.

Sprouted Corn Flour and Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour are available for purchase in five or 50 pound bags, and Diastatic Malt Powder is available in 1 pound bags. These sprouted grain flours can be purchased at Rustic Brew Farm and online. Contact Matt Cunningham at with sales inquiries.

About Rustic Brew Farm

Rustic Brew Farm sprouted out of a 4th generation family farm to specialize in growing craft brewing, distilling and baking ingredients. Utilizing an on-the-farm custom malthouse and stone flour mill, Rustic Brew Farm bridges the gap from farm to pint, dram, and now plate with quality brewing and cooking ingredients such as craft malt, premium hops, and stone ground flour. Learn more and shop online at

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