ALOHA Launches Organic Plant-Based Bars at Trader Joe’s Nationwide

NEW YORK CITY-– ALOHA, the plant-based protein pioneer, today introduced its most popular protein bar flavors at Trader Joe’s stores nationwide: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. The bars, like all of ALOHA’s products, are USDA Organic, vegan, non-GMO, minimally processed with real food ingredients, have a 3-to-1 protein to sugar ratio, and never include any stevia or sugar alcohols. Each 56g bar has 14g of protein, 4-5g of sugar, and is packed with iron, fiber and healthy fats.

“At ALOHA we believe you don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutrition and that healthy, great-tasting food should be widely accessible,” said Brad Charron, ALOHA CEO. “At Trader Joe’s, a place of fanatical consumer loyalty with mostly private label items, gaining shelf space as a branded product is very difficult and extremely validating. Like Trader Joe’s, once people find our ALOHA bars they become die-hard brand advocates.”

The two flavors launching at Trader Joe’s include:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: Made from simple, real food ingredients like peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds and chocolate chips, it is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. MSRP: $1.99
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Made from simple, real food ingredients like sunflower butter, dark chocolate and cacao, this bar is dipped in dark chocolate for a rich chocolate outer layer and a fudgie inside. MSRP: $1.99

ALOHA’s other protein bar flavors include Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Caramel Sea Salt, and Vanilla Almond Crunch. A seventh flavor, crowd-sourced from ALOHA’s most loyal fans, will be coming out in late summer 2020. In addition to bars, the company makes protein drinks which, unlike other products on the market, contain a unique blend of electrolytes to replenish nutrients, prebiotics for improved gut health and MCT oil derived from coconuts for natural energy and endurance. It also makes vegan protein powders with protein sourced from hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and peas, and simple ingredients, such as vanilla bean, cinnamon, and real cacao.

ALOHA products can be found at natural and traditional grocery stores nationwide including Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Sprouts, Harris Teeter, Wegmans, Central Market, Hy-Vee, Stop & Shop and ShopRite. All flavors are available online on Amazon, Thrive Market,, and To learn more about ALOHA please visit and follow @Alohamoment.

About ALOHA 

Founded in 2013 by three long-time Hawaii residents, ALOHA is an employee-owned and operated company committed to making the healthiest, best-tasting plant-based protein products on the planet. ALOHA’s product portfolio includes protein bars, protein drinks and protein powders that taste as good as they are for you, proving you don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutrition. All ALOHA products are sustainably sourced and thoughtfully packaged with deep respect for both people and the environment.

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