Perfectly Posh Introduces New Knosh Vanity Supplement Line

SALT LAKE CITY— Perfectly Posh launched their first line of unique vanity supplements to give women and men the ultimate pampering experience. The Knosh product line includes melatonin-infused Very Sleepy Gumdrops, Happy Dance Mood Enhancing Hard Candy, and So Perky Energy Drink Mix. Each supplement can be paired up with a complimentary shea butter-loaded Skin Stick for optimum effect.

According to CEO and founder Ann Dalton, “Perfectly Posh is about pampering product innovation. More than a year ago, I talked at length with our Product Development team about enhancing our product offering. Now, we can help you pamper yourself inside and out. With Knosh, we proudly declare, ‘Self care is a treat!'”

Knosh products feature clean formulas and effective ingredients that are gluten-free and vegan friendly.

The Very Sleepy Gumdrops include 5 mg of melatonin per 2 gumdrops to help promote a better night’s rest and a healthy-looking complexion. “Our gumdrops have no additives or fillers. We kept the formula simple and effective, making melatonin the prime active ingredient,” said Stacy Simmons, Perfectly Posh VP of Product Development.

Happy Dance Mood Enhancing Hard Candy is formulated with a 100% natural and delicious raspberry lemon flavor and a blend of uplifting ingredients such as passion flower, valerian root, German chamomile, and hops flower. They can be taken throughout the day to help keep stress in check.

So Perky Focused Energy and Skin Rejuvenating Elixir is powered by natural caffeine from green coffee, plus vitamin B, vitamin C, and peppermint to perk up energy levels and help skin look revitalized. Flavored with mint julep, this refreshing drink contains 150 mg of natural caffeine per serving.

“We didn’t just add ingredients to add ingredients and charge you for them, we made sure to keep each product simple and clean,” Simmons said. “We chose fun and tasty forms—in true Posh fashion—so you can pamper yourself from the inside with a yummy treat. We worked hard to make these taste amazing and look good with 100% natural flavoring and colors. Plus, all of these products are made in the USA with ingredients that we know and love so you know exactly what you are putting in your body.”

In addition to the Knosh Vanity Supplements, Perfectly Posh also debuted 3 new Skin Sticks that correspond to each Knosh product. “We’ve upped our actives game on some of our best-selling and unique Skin Sticks, then partnered them with treats that give you energy, manage your mood, and help you nod off at night… pampering around the clock in a way that’s uniquely Posh,” said Dalton.

Perfectly Posh believes everyone deserves to be pampered—when you spend even a few minutes each day to take care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of everything around you. You deserve it! Learn more

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