La Tourangelle Brings New Vinaigrette Line to the West Coast

SAN FRANCISCO – La Tourangelle returns to the Winter Fancy Food Show 2019 in their home city this Jan. 13-15 with their new line of organic vinaigrettes. Making their West Coast debut, these rich, flavorful vinaigrettes are the first to use La Tourangelle’s award winning artisan oils to create exceptional ready-to-pour vinaigrettes.

For La Tourangelle, high quality oil is the secret for higher quality and better tasting vinaigrettes. By combining their own award-winning artisan oils with fresh, organic ingredients, La Tourangelle delivers a superior vinaigrette with one easy pour. Each vinaigrette is delicately whipped with herbs, spices and acids like balsamic vinegar or lemon juice for a creamy consistency that does not separate, with no whisking or shaking needed.

“For years La Tourangelle Artisan Oils have been the home chef’s secret to exceptional dressings, vinaigrettes and so much more,” says La Tourangelle Founder Matthieu Kohlmeyer. “We are excited to say our Artisan Oils are still the secret to extraordinary vinaigrettes and now the whisk and work of making them yourself is optional.”

There are currently four La Tourangelle vinaigrette flavors including: Creamy Ranch, made with Organic Virgin Avocado Oil; Classic Balsamic, made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Sesame Tamari Vinaigrette, made with Organic Toasted Sesame Oil; and Citrus Chipotle, made with Organic Virgin Avocado Oil. Winter Fancy Food Show Attendees can try them all at booth #5758.

La Tourangelle’s salad dressings are all USDA Organic certified, vegan, gluten-free, and low in sodium and sugar content. Each comes in an 8.5 oz. glass bottle, with an MSRP of $5.99.

About La Tourangelle

In 2002, Matthieu Kohlmeyer established La Tourangelle in California, bringing Loire Valley craftsmanship to the best nut orchards in the world. La Tourangelle wanted to make gourmet oils affordable, bringing rich new flavors into kitchens everywhere for the first time. A suite of beloved products was born, and at a time when standardization and mechanization have become the norm for many products, La Tourangelle is leading a craft resurgence for artisan oils. La Tourangelle oils have received prestigious French culinary awards, including the Sirha Innovation Award and the Gold Medal from the French Agricultural Salon. They have also garnered several Good Food Awards (2015 and 2016) and several coveted Sofi Awards in 2018, 2017 most recently.