Keto and Paleo Company Fat Fit Go Announces Relaunch

FORT COLLINS, Colo.— Husband and wife team Rob and Kendra Benson decided to build their very own commercial kitchen to produce popular keto and paleo food product Fat Fit Go. After a negative experience with a co-packer, the couple felt forced to find a new solution. They wanted to have more control over each step of the process and can now boast that Fat Fit Go is handmade in-house in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“With full control in our own kitchen and not having to rely on another company to create our product we’ve been able to reduce the cost and improve the quality of our product,” shared co-founder Rob Benson.

The Bensons also created a new machine that allows them to package nut butters in 1 oz. sachets on the same day they create the nut butter, ensuring the utmost freshness for customers. After receiving feedback about the packaging, Fat Fit Go was on a mission for improvement. Previously the top of the package was flat (as you see on many nut butters), which can cut the sides of your mouth or make eating the nut butter difficult. The duo took this relaunch opportunity to change their packaging, which now provides an indented tear top, allowing for a better experience.

Co-founder Kendra Benson added, “We’re completely hands on, when we produce Fat Fit Go it’s immediately getting packaged which makes it perfectly fresh.”

Fat Fit Go is a blend of healthy, high fat ingredients available in small pouches that you can take with you anywhere. The pouches fit in your pocket, making it easy to fuel your body with long-lasting energy from premium, plant-based, real food. Fat Fit Go offers high-quality, blended fats including MCT and other nutrient dense superfoods in every serving. The company is now selling two products: Premium Chocolate Keto Nut Butter and Keto Chocolate Chips.

The products do not contain any preservatives or undesirable ingredients. They are completely paleo, keto and vegan and are free of peanuts, dairy, sugar, soy and grains.

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