Dalmatia Adds Three New Flavors to Fruit Spread Lineup

MIAMI— Dalmatia spreads, the sweet and savory fruit spreads from Croatia, is adding three new flavors to its already extensive lineup of fruit spreads: Organic Fig Hazelnut, Organic Rose Hip, and new anti-aging Organic Supermix Spread (combination of blueberries, aronia and goji). The new flavors are set to debut at the Fancy Food Show today in New York with samples for attendees to taste. Find Dalmatia in the Atalanta Corp. booth 2336 to try this unique blend of taste and innovation.

“Dalmatia fruit spreads are already known to be one of the favorite condiments in their category, but we never settle and are constantly innovating new ideas and flavors,” said Neb Chupin, co-founder of Dalmatia Import Group, Inc. “We enjoy thinking up new products and tying in as many Croatian flavors as possible, which is where the addition of the new Hazelnut, Rose Hip, and Supermix Spread flavors came from.”

Dalmatia spreads was founded 20 years ago – importing and manufacturing high-end organic and gourmet jams and fig products from Dalmatia, Croatia. Their best seller Dalmatia Fig Spread is the leading condiment in the cheese category.

Dalmatia spreads can be purchased online at dalmatiaspreads.com and customers can find Dalmatia in the deli and cheese departments in most supermarkets and many specialty stores.

About Dalmatia

The unique coastal region of Croatia is the inspiration for our brand Dalmatia — well-known for its climate and beauty. These Mediterranean fruits and vegetables such as figs, olives, almonds, cherries, tangerines, quince are known to be small to medium in size but concentrated in flavor. Our delicious sweet and savory spreads are made from the best local and regional ingredients. For more information visit dalmatiaspreads.com.