Chomps Introduces New Autoimmune Protocol Diet Meat Sticks

CHICAGO and NAPLES, Fla.– The Chomps snack brand, already having built a loyal community with followers of the paleo diet, this month introduces two new beef varieties for followers of the autoimmune protocol (or AIP) diet, a stricter offshoot of paleo that seeks to identify (and eliminate from your diet) foods known to cause gut inflammation and aggravate chronic illnesses.

Chomps AIP varieties offer a natural, high-quality solution for people who manage the types and quality of the foods in their diet to directly address their autoimmune issues and other chronic health conditions.

The new Chomps varieties of paleo AIP include Sea Salt Beef and Italian Style Beef.

Both new varieties will be sold as online exclusives at starting this month, and in May 2019 will be available on Amazon.

To ensure that both varieties were AIP compliant, Chomps made subtle recipe adjustments to the snacks without compromising taste and eliminated the use of ingredients like black pepper and red pepper, a nightshade and recognized source of gut inflammation.

“Thoughtfully created, superior quality food positively impacts health and wellness, which is the foundation of the Chomps product line,” said brand co-founder and CEO Pete Maldonado.

The Chomps brand is first and foremost about healthier snacking. The exceptional quality of the snacks’ sourcing and production makes Chomps a go-to food brand for health-conscious followers of life-changing regimes like Whole30, keto, paleo and now AIP.

The AIP diet is promoted as a way to address conditions associated with “leaky gut” (the theory that certain dietary choices may cause small holes in the gut that lead food to leak into the body and cause inflammatory issues), and hopes to address the reset of the body’s immune system, reduce the symptoms of autoimmune diseases and prevent their occurrence.

Chomps produces one of the best-selling, clean-sourced meat snack brands in the US and is sold at retailers nationally. The brand is newly available at Walmart. For more information visit