Growing Naturals to Debut Benefit Blends at Expo West

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. As sleep problems, lack of energy and obesity rank among the top 5 health issues that consumers claim they are personally affected by, Growing Naturals is introducing a new line of power-up morning prep and power-down evening restorative nutrition rituals into a single scoop. Growing Naturals’ first suite of products, Benefit Blends, includes A.M. Energy and P.M. Restore, both available in 14-serving canisters. Each canister has a suggested retail price of $39.99, which breaks down to $2.86 per serving, less than a cup of coffee, and the new formulation will be available for retailers to sample for the first time at Expo West, March 09-11, 2018.

Part of a new condition-specific supplement trend, these products are uniquely allergen-friendly, vegan, non-GMO, great tasting and include many organic ingredients. The first SKUs of the Benefit Blends line feature a complete protein blend of pea and organic rice protein with dozens of other supplements and aids to provide consumers with energy and a way to fight pre-lunch hunger in the beginning of the day, and expert blends to address stress, sleep and snacking at night. Because the body requires replenishment of *protein every 24 hours and adults need 45-100g of protein per day, the first portion (18g) is provided in the A.M. Energy blend and the second (15g) in the P.M. Restore blend. These low-sugar blends can be shaken or blended with water or any type of milk, and P.M. Restore also works well as a hot sipping drink.

“Instead of chasing your cup of coffee with a protein shake, a handful of vitamins and a high fiber drink, we developed this line to be a ‘one and done’ approach to a productive lifestyle,” said CEO of Growing Naturals, David Janow. “At night when our body needs to truly rest and recover for the next day, we put together a formula ranging from fiber to antioxidants, and chamomile to melatonin to help tackle this as well. The base of our product is, of course, hunger-curbing protein, which humans need replenished every 24 hours and can aid absorption of other nutrients. The initial Benefit Blends are powered by a combination of pure pea protein plus organic brown rice protein, Oryzatein, which has been recognized by the FDA as a GRAS food, has been shown in two separate clinical trials — one of which included MMA pro fighters — and was shown for the first time to equal animal-based whey protein in building and maintaining muscle in a clinical trial.”

Benefit Blends by Growing Naturals feature:

A.M. Energy comes in a Morning Mocha flavor and was developed as a morning power-up dietary supplement with 20% of the *daily requirement for protein. Key ingredients include 18g of complete plant protein (the equivalent of 3 eggs); 100 mg of caffeine from green tea extract and coffea robusta seeds (which compares to one cup of coffee); 6g of fiber (similar to 2.5 cups of raw broccoli); 4.8 mg of iron (equal to 6 cups of raw spinach leaves); plus 18 vitamins and minerals.

P.M. Restore in Divine Dark Chocolate flavor is designed to provide the other 15% of the *daily requirement for protein in a 24-hour period, along with a sleep blend, hunger-curbing fiber and the antioxidants the body needs for evening repair. Key ingredients include 15g of rice and pea protein (equal to 2.7 oz. of wild salmon); 5g of fiber (which compares to 2.1 cups of raw broccoli); 4.8g of iron (equal to 1.2 cups of kidney beans); and enough Vitamin C to equal a large tangerine. The proprietary relaxation and sleep blend includes Lemon Balm Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Melatonin, 5-HTP and 2 specialized amino acids.

About Growing Naturals, LLC

Growing Naturals is about delivering unique, premium nutrition, powered by pure plant protein, and convenient to all people no matter their eating lifestyle. Our Growing Naturals nutrition products, feature allergen-friendly, plant-based protein powders concentrated without chemicals, from organic brown rice and yellow peas. Benefit Blends by Growing Naturals, and the Pure Rice Protein products feature Oryzatein. Shown to be the first plant protein to equal animal-based whey protein in building and maintaining muscle, Oryzatein was also shown to more quickly absorb Leucine, the key muscle-building amino acid which allows rice protein to act like a complete protein.

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