Blue Evolution Brings Seaweed Infused Pastas and Seasonings to Expo West

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Blue Evolution, maker of seaweed infused pastas and seasonings celebrates their West Coast launch at the Natural Products Expo West next week.

“Blue Evolution is on a mission is to connect you more deeply to the ocean through one extraordinary product: seaweed. Our products are in line with consumer demand for more natural, nutrient-dense food sourced from the ocean in sustainable ways,” said Beau Perry, founder and CEO of Blue Evolution. “Beyond sustainable, seaweed regenerates the waters in which it grows, absorbing carbon from the ocean and turning seawater and sunshine into healthy food.”

The company does not rely on any freshwater for its farming, but instead uses seawater which is returned to the sea with less carbon thanks to the seaweed, which serves as a natural filter. This organic process actually removes carbon dioxide, aiding in de-acidification of the oceans that our world’s population and ecosystems rely on.

“We’re bringing consumers the wide array of nutrients and delicious taste of seaweed through products they already know and love, like pasta! Thanks to the seaweed, our pastas are a good source of plant-based, natural iron and have a lower carb count than other pastas on the market,” said Perry.

Seaweeds are packed with nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and healthy fats. It’s the ocean’s superfood. University of Florida research has documented seaweed’s potential for cancer prevention. And it’s possible seaweed is responsible for modern human brain development.

The company debuted their products at the Natural Products Expo East in 2017. Named a top trend at the show by Food Business News and Stylus, Blue Evolution has garnered attention for their innovation and shortening of the supply chain. Delicious Living  added, “So is there an easy way to eat from the sea without contributing to excess carbon emissions? Yes! Embracing seaweed may be the answer to mitigating climate change, and a growing number of natural products brands are innovating to make this healthful ingredient more sustainable and accessible. Blue Evolution wins for its mission to get more consumers eating this healthful ocean green.”

Blue Evolution’s seaweed is minimally processed without any additives or preservatives.

The initial product line-up includes:

  • Penne and Rotini Pastas with Blue Evolution Seaweed: Blue Evolution seaweed adds a delicate umami flavor for a delicious twist on pasta night. A good source of iron and mineral rich sea salt, Blue Evolution pastas contain fewer carbs than traditional pastas.
  • Shells and Cheese with Blue Evolution Superfood Seaweed: The first ever kid-friendly shells and cheese made with superfood seaweed! Also available in Gluten Free Shells and Cheese made with organic rice.
  • Classic Marinara Seasoning Blend infused with Blue Evolution Seaweed: Add to tomatoes to make your own nutrient-packed pasta sauce or sprinkle on avocado toast to transform into a superfood-infused epicurean experience.

Blue Evolution’s pastas and seasoning are available now to retailers across the country. For those interested in learning more, Blue Evolution will be celebrating the west coast launch at upcoming Expo West, March 9-11 in Anaheim, CA, and will be providing samples at its booth (#8722).

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About Blue Evolution

Blue Evolution is on a mission to connect consumers to the oceans through one extraordinary product: seaweed. We’re seaweed people who brought harvesting seaweed closer to home–cultivating our own seaweed up-and-down the Pacific Coast. We use our magical seaweed farming powers for good: to reduce the world’s dependence on freshwater food production, invest in local economies, shift our food system towards renewables and de-acidify the ocean. When seaweed is responsibly harvested, it’s not only delicious and incredibly nutritious, but it also has the power to literally change our climate equation. Blue Evolution is based in San Mateo, CA. For more information, head to

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