Bellucci Unveils Sicilia PGI Organic Olive Oil

NEW YORK, N.Y. — One of the world’s most prized liquid treasures is Sicilian extra virgin olive oil. Sicily is an island woven from a fusion of cultures that has resulted in a rich and varied genetic legacy. With its dry summers, lashed by the Sirocco Saharan winds, as well as its balmy winter, the temperate climate influences the spirit of the organic olive trees that have been part of the fertile island since its inception.

To get closer to this island’s treasure groves and fully appreciate the fruits of human toil, Bellucci is unveiling its freshly harvested Sicilia PGI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the newest addition to its Legendary Series. True to its cultivars and origin, Sicilia PGI Organic coats the palate with hints of nutty almond and savory undertones of artichoke, coupled with fresh green tomato. It’s unlike any other – a truly authentic gem.

Why is Bellucci’s PGI certification so important? In 2016, the European Commission approved the Protected Geographical Indication PGI ‘Sicilia’ (Sicily) for extra virgin olive oil produced on the island. Such certifications (PGI) by the European Union promote the development of specific rural regions and populations, which are related to agricultural products with special quality characteristics and protect the interests of both growers and consumers. In an effort to support this movement, Bellucci brings Sicilia PGI Organic to the market. It is transparency at its best in the greater fight against food fraud.

A new wave of consumers seeking greater on-label visibility into the origins of their food is on the rise. Shoppers demand new depths of information, including clean label, Organics, responsible production, and authenticity. Susan Testa, Director of Culinary Innovation and Corporate Branding, and Chandani Ribadia, Digital Marketing Specialist, will join New Hope Media for a Facebook Live Q&A at 2PM PSTon March 8. They will be diving into the world of food transparency and Bellucci’s Trust Through Traceability philosophy.

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