Once Upon a Farm Launches Two New Superfood Blends

SAN DIEGO, CALIF.– Once Upon a Farm, pioneer of cold-pressed, organic baby foods for all stages of infant development, today announced the addition of two new flavors to its family of ready-to-eat meal pouches: Gold-y Mango & the Three Coconuts and Caroberry Mousse. The flavorful blends are crafted with trending superfoods and fresh ingredients, offering a unique option for parents that is a bright and nutritious alternative to dull shelf-stable baby foods. Both new flavors are available in retailers nationwide, and online through Once Upon a Farm’s national subscription packs that ship straight to parents’ doors.

“Parents should be keen on babies’ developing palettes when it comes to foods, tastes and textures,” said Cassandra Curtis, co-founder and COO of Once Upon a Farm. “Introducing variety in a baby’s diet early on helps to foster a positive attitude toward food and avoids picky eaters. That’s why Once Upon a Farm consistently creates recipes that incorporate interesting ingredients, superfoods and unique flavors. Our new Gold-y Mango and the Three Coconuts and Caroberry Mousse blends feature exotic ingredients like coconut milk, turmeric and carob, making them unlike anything on the market.”

Once Upon a Farm’s new Gold-y Mango & the Three Coconuts and Caroberry Mousse blends are tasty medleys of fresh fruits and veggies that are all locally-sourced from farms in California, Oregon and Washington. Boasting hearty textures and vital nutrients, these superfood blends are delicious flavor combinations perfect for growing little ones and their developing palettes. Conveniently packaged in resealable pouches for meals at home or on-the-go, shoppers can purchase the new pouches for $2.49. Flavor details include:

  • Gold-y Mango & the Three Coconuts – As good as Goldilock’s porridge itself, this superfood blend of fresh mango, coconut milk and turmeric offers a bright flavor combination perfect for growing little ones.
  • Caroberry Mousse – Wholesome strawberry is lightly pureed with organic carob beans, all married with banana and date to give a naturally sweet, yet nutritious blend that is ideal for babies’ developing pallets.

Like all Once Upon a Farm products, the new flavors are created using high pressure pascalization (HPP) – a cold pressure process that does not use any heat to preserve the vital nutrients, flavors, aromas, colors and textures and of whole, fresh ingredients. All blends are USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO Project Verified, and free from any processed purees, concentrates or preservatives. Once Upon a Farm’s unique BPA-Free Certified pouch packaging also encourages self-feeding, while offering flexibility and convenience whether at home or traveling. The blends can also be left un-refrigerated for up to four hours, taken on-the-go with an ice pack, or frozen and thawed to accommodate mealtimes anytime, anywhere.

Once Upon a Farm is available online through the brand’s website and national subscription pack program, as well as at traditional grocers nationwide including Wegmans and Kroger, and select Whole Foods Markets. For more information on Once Upon a Farm, its products and ingredients, please visit

About Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm is the pioneer of early childhood nutrition, offering 12 specially designed blends of whole fruits, vegetables and superfoods, specifically customized for three of the most important nutritional stages of an infant’s life. All blends are free of concentrates, preservatives and processed purees, and are infant nutritionist certified and pediatrician recommended. Unlike typical shelf-stable baby food, Once Upon a Farm uses high pressure pascalization (HPP), which preserves the flavors, aromas, colors, textures and nutrients of the whole ingredients. Packaged in convenient, refrigerated and re-sealable pouches, Once Upon a Farm is USDA Certified Organic, Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified. To learn more about Once Upon a Farm,, ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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