Savannah Bee Brings New Honey Varieties to Fancy Food

Savannah, GA Savannah Bee Company is heading to the Big Apple to sweeten up this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show with exclusive honey products everyone will buzz about. The leading manufacturer of all things honeybee will present Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve and Black Sage Honey, along with other 100% pure artisanal honeys for cooking and tasting. Savannah Bee Company will be at Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City’s Javits Center, June 25th – 27th at booth #4723.

Celebrating a new honey season, multiple store openings throughout the nation, and winning a coveted food industry award, Savannah Bee Company will bring the extremely limited Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve, and rare Black Sage Honey, to food industry insiders. Savannah Bee’s Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve is a 2017 sofi™ Silver Award winner in the Honey category.

Show attendees will also be privy to Savannah Bee’s Black Sage Honey, which is only made four out of every ten years. Produced in central California, Savannah Bee Company sources this rare honey from ecologically-responsible beekeepers, assuring the finest quality.

In addition to the exclusive honeys, guests will also have the opportunity to sample Savannah Bee fan favorites and best-sellers, Whipped Honey Chocolate and Raw Acacia Honeycomb.

“We’re very proud to receive the 2017 sofi™ Silver Award for Honey, the top honor in the specialty food industry. We’ve had a very successful honey harvesting season and are extremely thrilled to be able to share these exclusive honeys at the Summer Fancy Food Show,” says Ted Dennard, Founder and President of Savannah Bee Company, who has studied, cultivated and preserved the unique honeybee for over 30 years. “This show is the best place to show off culinary innovations, and premiere products that only come around so often, like our Black Sage Honey. We are delighted to give food industry insiders this opportunity.”

Savannah Bee’s premium, artisanal, single-varietal honeys are available in a variety of intoxicating flavors like the Black Sage and Palmetto, as well as classic varietals: Tupelo, Lavender, Rosemary, Orange, Blossom, Acacia, and Sourwood. The brand’s Whipped Honeys feature a uniquely smooth and creamy texture in their featured Whipped Honey Chocolate, Whipped Honey Original, Honey with Cinnamon, and Honey with Lemon. Savannah Bee’s Everyday Honey options include Honey for Tea, Honey for Cheese and Honey for the Grill, in addition to a range of Wildflowers.

In addition to Savannah Bee’s gourmet offerings, its beauty products include personal care products made of all responsibly sourced ingredients straight from the hive. Savannah Bee’s beauty range consists of one-of-a-kind body butters, lotions, hair care treatments and body washes, along with lip balms in some of the most delicious southern flavors.

For additional information on Savannah Bee, please visit or booth #4723.

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