Hollandia Produce Makes Way For Pete’s Living Greens in Brand Relaunch

CARPINTERIA, C.A.– Hollandia Produce, the California-based company recognized by consumers for its Non-GMO Verified “living” lettuce and cress varieties under its organic and conventional lines, Grower Pete’s and Live Gourmet, is relaunching as one congruent new brand: Pete’s Living Greens. The migration to one consistent Pete’s Living Greens brand across all product lines will address consumer purchase drivers and sow the seeds for innovative new products that will sprout onto the scene as the company expands its retail presence eastward.

In an effort to become the first nationally recognized brand of living greens by consumers, every Pete’s Living Greens package is getting a cosmetic makeover featuring newly designed labels and a refreshed logo, along with other branded consumer elements. The modern, natural look will draw attention to the freshness, quality and longevity of each rooted green, allowing consumers to easily recognize the brand and its important qualifications as a sustainably grown, living product.

“After much time spent listening to our consumers and what they are most attracted to in a brand, we came to the conclusion that our mission and motivation could be better displayed with an easily recognizable name and aesthetic that carries over onto all of our products,” said CEO John Cochran. “While our commitment to quality and providing customers with the freshest, most flavorful greens possible will remain the same, we are excited to communicate our message with a new look.”

The current product lineup under the Pete’s Living Greens name includes Butter Lettuce, Red Butter Lettuce, Bouquet Lettuce, Upland Cress, Organic Butter Lettuce and Organic Watercress. Another important element in the brand relaunch is a renewed focus on innovation and nation-wide expansion, with the addition of new living greens items slated to rollout under the Pete’s Living Greens brand across the country in the following weeks. Pete’s Living Greens can be found at select retailers in the west with plans to crop up in an increasing number of stores nationwide.

About Pete’s Living Greens

Founded in 1970 under the name Hollandia Produce, Pete’s Living Greens is the California-based, employee-owned and operated leader in hydroponically grown living greens, using up to 85% less water and 70% less land than traditional growers. Every vegetable from Pete’s Living Greens is grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses where light, temperature, humidity and nutrients are controlled, which increases crop yields and allows for year-round availability. Best known for its line of Living Butter Lettuce, Pete’s Living Greens offers consumers the highest-quality produce possible with their roots still intact, allowing consumers to enjoy long-lasting farm-fresh flavor right from the store. All of Pete’s Living Greens products are sustainably grown without the use of GMOs or harmful insecticides and packaged in the brand’s award-winning, 100% recyclable signature clear clamshell that acts as a mini-greenhouse to reduce damage, shrinkage and contaminants.

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