Extravaganzo Gourmet Foods Unveils Gift Set

NEW YORK, NY (June 2017) – Tom Stevens, founder of extravaGONZO Gourmet Foods, will unveil a special gift set of his artisan culinary oil blends and vinegars at the Summer Fancy Food Show, June 25-27 at the Javits Center in New York City.

The gift set, with a suggested MSRP at $39.99, will include 100ML bottles of Jalapeño Lime, Roasted Garlic, Meyer Lemon, and Blood Orange (all blends of 80/20 EVOO and grapeseed oil) as well as Red and White creamy Balsamic Vinegars – 6 bottles in all.

Stevens’ Jalapeño Lime Culinary Oil was recently honored with a prestigious Sofi™ Award in the New Product category at the Specialty Food Association’s 2017 Awards competition. ExtravaGONZO was one of 154 Winners selected by a national panel of 62 specialty food experts from 3,000 entries across 39 categories.

Stevens’ story of creating extravaGONZO is almost as tasty as his company’s products. After wearing many hats – he worked for the USDA Forest Service, drove a taxi, sold life/health insurance, then commercial real estate and even art, and served as a lumber broker. The avid cook accidentally embarked on his culinary career. It was in Idaho during Thanksgiving 2006 when Stevens realized the roasted garlic oil he’d been using for many years just “wasn’t doing it” for him anymore.

“I had an idea how to improve the process and gave it a try,” Stevens recalls. “I made two gallons of roasted garlic oil on the kitchen stove, and sent it off to family and friends. Everyone loved it and that inspired me to develop it further. Next thing I knew, I was driving around the country in my pickup truck and selling my oils at farmers’ markets and mom and pop shops, and it just kept growing and growing.”

Stevens’ recommends his oils to be cooked with or drizzled on: poultry, pork, lamb, steaks, seafood and pasta to dressings, popcorn, pizza and roasted veggies. “We are, quite simply, the most-unique infused olive oil in the world.”

Extravagonzo can be found in many top stores and online at

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