Antidote Serious Chocolate Announces Partnership With Rainforest Distribution

Brooklyn, NY– Antidote Serious Chocolate, a chocolate company specializing in fine flavor bean to bar chocolate bars, announces its new partnership with Rainforest Distribution, beginning Spring 2017. Rainforest Distribution’s dedication goes beyond being just a delivery service, and focuses on brand building and fostering true partnerships with its vendors. They will place Antidote alongside other innovative, health-focused brands in stores throughout the Northeast.

Antidote is already carried by hundreds of independent health food stores and grocery retailers in the US, Europe, and Japan, and represents the highest standard of purity in the chocolate industry, alongside its beautiful presentation of a pill-shaped bar and creative boxes. Starting with the potent intensity of single source raw + roasted Arriba Nacional beans from Ecuador and add a jolt of flavor from actual bits and chunks of fruits and herbs. We go darker, with little to no added sugar and and preserve as many nutrients as possible.

“I started Antidote after a serendipitous text message from a friend which inspired me to seek the cure for the blues and emotional challenges we encounter on a daily basis. One that was not only deliciously satisfying in times of need, but also had long-lasting health benefits. “Our partnership with Rainforest is the next step in delivering these feel-good benefits to a wider audience.”

With three product lines – dark chocolate flavor fusion bars, raw 100% cacao bars, & the new milk chocolate bars, there are three ways to have an Antidote handy when needed and feel the difference.

About Antidote Chocolate

Antidote Serious Chocolate was launched in 2010 by Red R. Thalhammer, a successful designer with passion for food and wellness. Based in Brooklyn, they produce all of their bars in Ecuador. Red works directly with cacao farmers and producers to finetune and control all production standards, resulting in darker chocolate bars with fun flavors with full nutritional benefits. Antidote is for purists who love dark chocolate but haven’t found options that are exciting enough for their jaded palates.

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