Ips Snacks Hires CEO & Selects New Agency of Record

Los Angeles, CA (February 2016) — Ips Snacks, a leading brand of protein-packed chips, has perfected its line of protein snacks. This year the brand launches its new, light protein chip recipe, which provides 6 g of protein per serving and half the fat of fried chips, and it announces its newest product –protein popcorn. Protein, named one of the top 5 food trends of 2016 by the Specialty Food Association[1], is now available in delicious, convenient snack form with Ips Chips and Popcorn. The brand’s mission is to eliminate senseless snacking with satisfying chips and popcorn that delight the taste buds and provide the nutrition the body craves.


Each 1oz portion of this patent-pending Pressure-Puff process is equivalent to the protein available in one egg. Previously eggs were the basis of this unique snack, which have now been eliminated and these light, crispy chips are now made with whey protein to provide the essential amino acids which cannot be made organically by the human body, but rather must be obtained through diet.[2] Further, unlike plant protein sources, whey is completely bio-available. This unique and delicious Ips recipe provides satiating chips to fuel the body.

In addition to improving the Ips chip recipe, the company has enhanced the leadership team by naming a new CEO, Adam Kamenstein. Mr. Kamenstein joined the team in August 2015 bringing knowledge and experience from leading al alcoholic spirits brand and serving as a business strategist and consultant to other consumer-facing brands. He built this brand from concept to sub-category leader and led all branding, consumer and trade marketing and sales strategy. Mr. Kamenstein also managed a supply chain turnaround, increasing gross margins over 100%. In 2016 he plans to increase sales to a growing number of retailers and has partnered with Christie & Co to drive consumer awareness and demand for Ips Snacks.

Mr. Kamenstein’s insights have taken the company’s formula, vision and designs to the next level. He and the Ips Snacks team are excited to announce their newest product this year – protein popcorn! This airy and delicious protein popcorn will launch at Natural Products Expo West in March, 2016 and be available in two delicious flavors. The Ips Snacks team has created this popcorn with the same mission to improve the quality, taste and health in the snacks people crave.

“The Christie & Co team understand the wants and needs that motivate consumers. Its 20 years of industry experience and success in reaching our target customer make this partnership a perfect fit.”

“We are proud to represent Ips Snacks, a brand which is highly desired and yet so unique,” says Gillian Christie, Founder and CEO of Christie & Co. “Taste preferences drive purchasing decisions and these tasty, protein-packed snacks satisfy the needs and evolving taste preferences of today’s consumers.”

Christie & Co has over 20 years of experience in the natural products industry bringing high impact companies and entrepreneurs from Dream to Mainstream. Through its unique research-based approach, Christie & Co develops marketing and communications campaigns that demonstrate results of increased brand awareness, consumer engagement, and retail sales. The team is equipped to propel Ips Snacks as the brand’s chips and popcorn become a staple in pantries throughout the country.

About Ips Snacks™: Founded in 2011, Ips Snacks™ are the world’s first snack chip to combine a delicious taste with whey protein. They are made with non-GMO corn, are gluten-free, and are powered by whey protein. Now lead by Adam Kamenstein, the brand’s mission is to make the foods which give your body the protein it craves. Ips chips are available in four delicious varieties: Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Barbeque, and White Cheddar and is now launching its line of popcorn, which will be available in Classic Salted and White Cheddar varieties. Ips Snacks are sold in grocery stores and wellness retailers nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Mollie Stone’s, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and many others, as well as online through Find Ips Snacks on Facebook ( For more information about Ips Snacks, please visit

About Christie & Co: Christie & Co is a full-service branding, marketing, public relations and advertising agency dedicated to helping ethical businesses, entrepreneurs, and socially conscious organizations broaden their impact through effective communication services. Christie & Co goes beyond branding and other marketing buzzwords. It is a company based in philosophy, driven by passion, and known by its results. The Christie CommUnity Foundation creates “ripple effect” of global betterment through creating and promoting innovative, results-oriented initiatives for the betterment of the world.

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